Tres Cruces neighborhood

Montevideo neighborhood of Tres Cruces is located at the crossroads of three major traffic arteries of the city, the Avenida 18 de Julio, Avenida Boulevard Artigas and 8 de Octubre Avenue, being also the starting point of the Italia Avenue.

The name of the area dates back to the early nineteenth century as in 1813, when Uruguay still does not exist as such, the Congress was held there in Tres Cruces, also called Congress in April, during which ArtigasĀ  issued the Instructions of the thirteenth year.

Avenues named seeking quick access to the outputs of the city to the north, east and west, and the Centre, making it a strategic point of the city. This location was used to build the terminal of long distance buses, known as Terminal Tres Cruces, from which passengers can take buses to almost all major towns of the country, as well as international transport, particularly to Argentina and southern Brazil.

In the area there are several public and private hospitals, residential and office buildings. Monuments rise like the obelisk in honor of the Constituents of 1830, the memorial to Rivera, popularly known as Plaza de la Bandera, the white cross indicating the location of the mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II during his first visit to the country in 1987 and a bronze statue of himself, one of the first to be erected.

The area has been boosted rapidly since the construction of the terminal, which is also a shopping center, which is easily seen by the density of traffic, especially during peak hours.