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  • Weather and Climate of Montevideo

    Weather and Climate of Montevideo

    Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay enjoys a mild humid subtropical climate and it borders on an oceanic climate . The city of Montevideo has cool winters, volatile springs and warm summers; there are numerous thunderstorms in Montevideo, Uruguay but there no tropical cyclones. Due to its location in the southern hemisphere of South America, […]

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  • General information of Montevideo

    General information of Montevideo

    Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, 34, 5 degrees South latitude and 56 degrees West Longitude. Montevideo has an area of ​​530 square kilometers (about 60% is rural and the remaining 40% or potentially developable urban area) and a population of 1,500,000 inhabitants. Montevideo […]

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  • Useful information of Montevideo

    Useful information of Montevideo

    Phone information in Montevideo Emergencies – Fire Brigade – Police or any problem you may have in the country, call: 911 To call Uruguay from other countries: Country code + area code + telephone number. Country code of Uruguay: 00598 To call from Uruguay to the interior of the country: 0 + area code + […]

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  • Neighborhoods of Montevideo

    Neighborhoods of Montevideo

    Montevideo is the capital of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Its almost a million and half inhabitants are distributed in different neighborhoods, each with its own identity generated by its geographical location, the activities conducted and the socio-culturallevel of its inhabitants. Many of the neighborhoods of Montevideo were a long time ago geographically separate populations […]

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