Quarter Cordón

Cordon is a neighborhood of Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, adjacent to the Centre.
Its founder was Bartolome Mitre, who in 1750 carried out the disposal of the Spanish Crown to demarcate the area outside the city. He did it with cords, in Latin chorda and Cordon in Spanish, giving rise to the name of the neighborhood.

Overview of Cordon
The neighborhood has many attractions. It is a quintessential cultural area, which include the headquarters of the University of the Republic, the Law School, the School of Music, the Faculty of Arts , Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Humanities and Education. The National Library of Uruguay, bookstore, Tristan Narvaja Street and theaters like The Warehouse or the Stella d’Italia.

Other prominent buildings are the headquarters of the Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay (now shared with the Internal Revenue Service), the Church and the Institute Cord Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo. It is also known for Tristan Narvaja Fair and Club Atlético Cordón which are important points of meeting for the local people. In late 2009, in the block formerly occupied by a tram station, was opened the Park Seregni Lieber.