Punta Gorda (Montevideo)

Overview of Punta Gorda, Montevideo.
The neighborhood of Punta Gorda is a suburb of the city of Montevideo, located on the coast of Rio de la Plata and a few miles away from the center of the city, between the neighborhoods of Malvin and Carrasco, the latter separated by the avenue Bolivia.

The other major road axes running from west to east: the avenues Italia and Rivera and the Rambla of Montevideo where’ there is a very singular vehicular traffic flows rapidly down the street Coimbra, which crosses the point directly, while for Rambla itself runs slow and quiet by the sea.

The main tourist points in Punta Gorda are the Plaza de Armas or Plaza Virgilio, located in a wide tip of the coast, joined the group of curious shape public spaces. It has characteristics closer to a park than a square.

Another important place in Punta Gorda is El Molino (Windmill) de Perez which has a rich history. The stone building seated in mortar of lime and sand (the current floor) was conducted between1780 and 1790. It was the farthest place in the city within the natural limits of Montevideo.