Punta Carretas neighborhood

It is said that the double name depends on whether the look is at sea or on land. The sailors began to call “Punta” (The tip) because the tip Punta Brava stretches under water and caused several shipwrecks.

Punta Carretas name refers to the shape of wagon that many sailors saw on the rocks of the place, so they related to the Point of the carts when they talked about that place. This neighborhood is located between the neighborhoods of Parque Rodo and Pocitos.

Punta Carretas Lighthouse, built in 1876, for many years was visited only by fishermen and washerwomen. Despite being an area so close to downtown, it was seen as marginal, to the point that in the early twentieth century ushered in a penitentiary, which further delayed the population of the area. Only in the fifties, when the city finally surrounded the prison, gave birth to the neighborhood of Punta Carretas.

Punta Carretas was consolidated as a typical upper middle class neighborhood. Today is a middle class neighborhood. The disappearance of the prison and its transformation in 1994 in a shopping center changed the neighborhood. It went from being a neighborhood where people knew where families endured from generation to generation and where everything changed slowly transformed into a neighborhood of investments.

The morphology of the neighborhood is changed and the lifestyle of its inhabitants as well. The value of the property also has increased significantly.