Palermo neighborhood

The Montevideo neighborhood of Palermo is located in the south of the city, bordering to the west until the street Cuareim with the South neighborhood, to the north with  Cordon neighborhood, to the east until the street Cabot with the neighborhood of Parque Rodo and finally to the south with the promenade, on the coast of Rio de la Plata.

It takes its name from the eponymous Italian city, which gives account of its origin in the neighborhood of residence of immigrants who arrived in large numbers to the city until the early decades of the twentieth century. Until a few years ago, there used to be old houses inhabited by these African-American immigrants, for example: Medio Mundo. These days, the most notable buildings are the Central Cemetery, built in 1827, and the headquarters building of the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay (UTU), on the streets of San Salvador and Magellan.

Representative sports teams are: Soccer, Spanish Central, which held its first court in the neighborhood of Punta Carretas. On the basketball side, the Athens Club called the Black Wings, which has its field in the vicinity of Santiago de Chile Cebollatí and named Antonio Maria Borderes. In Football 5 stands out for its long life in the courts: the club THE AXE, founded on the 27th of May 1984.

Along with the South District, the Palermo neighborhood is the center of carnival activity of the descendants of East Africans, who all year long are preparing for the Parade of calls, a parade that takes place through the streets Carlos Gardel and Flores Island and attracts thousands of people with his thundering drums.

Besides in Palermo neighborhood is located one of the best Spanish School of Montevideo it is which is located in Isla de Flores street cross Street Eduardo Acevedo. The most prestigious Spanish teachers are attending lessons in that Spanish School.