Neighborhoods of Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Its almost a million and half inhabitants are distributed in different neighborhoods, each with its own identity generated by its geographical location, the activities conducted and the socio-culturallevel of its inhabitants.

Many of the neighborhoods of Montevideo were a long time ago geographically separate populations and town but later they were absorbed by the growth of the city. Such is the case of Sayago, Pocitos, etc. Others grew up around certain industrial sites, including salting of Cerro and the tanneries in New Paris, and others for the construction of large-scale housing complexes, as Euskal Malvín Erria in North and Park Posadas in the Prado.

Below we describe information about the main neighborhoods of Montevideo where in many of them we can offer you furnished apartment for rent:

Centro | Ciudad Vieja | Cordón | Palermo | Parque Rodó | Tres Cruces | Parque Batlle | Pocitos | Punta Carretas | Buceo | Malvín | Punta Gorda | Carrasco