Useful information of Montevideo

Phone information in Montevideo

Emergencies – Fire Brigade – Police or any problem you may have in the country, call: 911

To call Uruguay from other countries:
Country code + area code + telephone number.
Country code of Uruguay: 00598

To call from Uruguay to the interior of the country:
0 + area code + telephone number.

Telephone services:
Official Hour: 16
tariff information: 0006
National long-distance call through Operator: 120
International long-distance call to Latin America: 0007
International long-distance call to other countries: 0008
Special Service: 124
Telephonograms: 125

Money in Montevideo:
The Uruguayan peso (UYU) is the official currency. In Uruguay, prices vary a lot between summer and winter. It is possible to exchange foreign currency pretty much everywhere. Countless exchange houses line Av 18 de Julio, with rates clearly posted. ATMs are everywhere, including the bus terminal.

The main exchange houses in Montevideo are:
Cambio Gales (Av 18 de Julio 1046) Cashes traveler’s checks.
Indumex (Tres Cruces Bus Terminal)

Credit cards are accepted in Montevideo in restaurants, shops and hotels (a commission of 10% is often taken) but are rarely accepted in smaller towns, and withdrawing money is also easy.

Banks are open from 1:00pm to 5:00pm in Montevideo and from 8:00am to 12:00pm in the rest of the country.

The main banks in Montevideo are:
ABN-AMRO Bank (Av 18 de Julio 999) Opposite Plaza del Entrevero.
Banco Comercial (cnr Av 18 de Julio & Santiago de Chile) At eastern edge of downtown.
Banco de la Nación Argentina (Juan Carlos Gómez 1378) In Ciudad Vieja, on Plaza Constitución.
Banco de La República Oriental del Uruguay (18 de Julio Nº 1670)

Medical services in Montevideo
Hospital Británico (2 487-1020; Av Italia 2420) It is a highly recommended private hospital with English-speaking doctors.
Hospital Maciel (2 915-3000; cnr 25 de Mayo & Maciel) The public hospital, located in Ciudad Vieja.

Electricity in Montevideo
220 V.

Montevideo International Airport information:
Carrasco International Airport is approximately 12 and a half miles from the centre of Montevideo. Allow 50 minutes by bus (approximately 8USD, £5.50) and 30 minutes by taxi (approximately 25USD, £17). Airport tax on departure of international flights is fixed at 12USD, £8 (6USD, £4, for flights to Argentina).

Uruguayan office of Tourism in Montevideo:
18, de Julio and Ejido, Montevideo.
Tel.: 2 40 97 399.